GAMA IQ Black Perfetto Dryer


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GAMA IQ Black Perfetto Dryer

  • Ultralight at 294 grams • Italian-designed and manufactured internationally to the highest standards • Each dryer is quality checked in Italy after production • Intelligent brushless motor.
  • Motor speed 110,000 RPM • Only 78 db of noise • Dries hair 30% faster than any other professional hairdryer • Cool shot • 3 speeds, 3 temperatures • 1700W.
  • Includes 1 diffuser + 2 concentrators (96mm & 68mm) • 8.5 ft power cord • Size, Nozzle to Filter: 7.75 inches • Size, Base of Handle to Top of Dryer: 6.5 inches • Oxy Active technology: For shiny and elastic hair and for a scalp deep cleansing thanks to the emission of active oxygen with antibacterial functions.
  • Memory Function: The speed and temperature memorization system, which recalls chosen settings among the 18 possible configurations, easily usable with the LED display.
  • Venturi effect: The air outlet has been designed to multiply the air flow dispensed by the motor • The extra air flow is produced by a vacuum effect without using anymore power • Auto-Diagnosis system: 6 LED indicators can automatically indicate up to 8 possible errors • Potentially reducing unnecessary warranty claims.
  • Features an Auto-Cleaning Reverse Motor Function • It is recommended to clean the high-tech filter assembly at least once a week or more, dependent upon frequency of use.
  • GA.MA Dryer Warranty: Friendly Cuts offers a 90 days warranty on the GA.MA dryer. • GA.MA dryers will only be exchanged upon inspection by the manufacturer & approval by the manufacturer for an exchange.
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Directions for the Auto-Cleaning Function

  • STEP 1 Remove rear filter ring and filter tube
  • STEP 2 Turn Dryer ON, then OFF
  • STEP 3 Hold down HIGH FAN button (15sec) until the motor turns ON
  • STEP 4 Allow the reversing motor to RUN (15sec DEFAULT)
  • STEP 5 Ensure the steel fine mesh filter is free of debris
  • STEP 6 Clean Cone Filter and Ring Filter with damp cloth
  • STEP 7 Reinstall the Cone Filter
  • STEP 8 Gently twist “keyed” Ring Filter until locked into place
  • Do not force Ring Filter, be sure to align “keys” accordingly
  • Please read instructions in the packaging for proper use & care

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Dimensions 45 × 30 × 15 cm